listening to podcastAnd why should I care?

People love buzzwords. They like to come up with a new term to describe an old thing.

Podcasts fall under that category.

All a podcast is is an audio recording put into a format that you get to listen to “on demand”.

The “on demand” part is actually pretty cool..

If you wanted to listen to a radio show on Monday nights between 6pm and 8pm that might be inconvenient for many folks.

But if you could listen to that show anytime you wanted (on demand) that might be more convenient.

That’s basically what a Podcast is… a radio show you can listen to any time you want.

And that’s one reason radio is losing audience. There’s more convenient ways to get your music and talk shows.

SBS Podcasts

Larry Lisk, one of the blues society’s founders, has a radio show on WMNF caled Mo’ Blues Monday on Monday nights form 6pm to 8pm. It’s a great show covering a wide range of blues music with occasional interviews and lots of “blues talk.”

But that time might not work for some folks. That’s why we take the recordings of that show and put it on our website as a podcast. You can go there and listen any time you want. Of course you can do the same thing on the WMNF website… but we wanted to make it more convenient for you… our blues society community.

» You Can Find Mo’ Blues Monday Here

There’s also a great show out of WXNA in Nashville called Nashville Jumps which features great Jump Blues in all it’s forms including all the greats doing the Jump thing, If you like jump blues you gotta check it out.

» You Can Find Nashville Jumps Here

And of course you can listen to these podcasts anywhere, anytime. If you have a smart phone you can go to our site and play these shows right on your phone.

Don’t use your smart phone to listen to the blues? Then you’re missing out.

We’ll be teaching how to listen to the blues on all your devices in an upcoming post… so stay tuned.

And watch (and listen) for more podcast coming to the website soon, Maybe even some talk shows about the blues, by some local blues experts.

And if you’d like to share you thoughts about podcasts or have any questions, feel free to comment below. We’d love to “hip” you to podcasts and whey they are so cool.