Did you ever wonder why some bands move you more than others. What is it about some bands that just create that special emotion that tells you you are listening to something special?

When I became a musician I spent a lot of time trying to figure out just what made that music special. Was it something in the arrangement? Was it something the musicians were doing differently?

Take the Allman Brothers…

When I used to go to their concerts back in the late 60’s and early 70’s, there was something about them that just seemed different.

Even though they were playing basically blues-based music they were creating musical parts as they went. It just seemed to be so moving and it connected with me in a different way.

I used to listen to Live at Fillmore East over and over, trying to figure out what they were doing. They knew the parts of the song all right but they added a certain spontaneity that seemed to come from some place else. It was the moment of creation happening right in front of my eyes.

But even though they were creating in the moment it all seemed to fit together so well. Everyone’s part just fit! Everyone was playing as one instrument. They all seemed to hear the same thing.

Of course many of us thought it was the drugs. Either ours or theirs.

But it was something else. It was a BAND thing. It’s like they were inside each others heads.

So what was going on inside there?

And the more I listened the more I wanted to figure exactly how they did it… how that band thing happened.

And after many years of playing in bands and trying to learn how to put arrangements and songs together, and lots of listening to the great bands, I finally got it.

It was about Tension and Resolution!

And after that I always tried to add that special ingredient to songs. But it wasn’t something I could do myself. I needed band mates that got it too. We had to learn how to get inside each others heads.

So I had to find other musicians who understood it too. Some I found already understood what I was talking about. Especially after I explained my thinking.

So here’s how I tried to explain it.

» Here’s a page that explains it a bit more.

Let me know what you think.