12-Bar Rag

Suncoast blues society 12-bar ragThe 12-Bar Rag is our bi-monthly newsletter that goes out to all members. It contains local blues news, events, and reviews of the latest CDs. It also has regular articles from some of the movers and shakers in the blues world. It’s a great place to learn and keep informed of blues goings on locally and internationally.

Of course, our website does that too, but some people just like having that newspaper format to read while they are having breakfast, on the toilet, or where ever they like to read.


You music industry types can advertise in the Rag, as well as on the site. Any Rag ad will also be placed on our site for maximum exposure… or you can just advertise in one or the other. The Rag is 24 pages so only a limited number of ads will fit, but the website will have lots of capacity for advertising.

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